Case study

Private leadership and management system coaching, mentoring and consulting


Situation Appraisal

The client accepted a new job in which the main responsibility was to implement a standardised management system across the organisation’s multiple locations within Europe.

The client got in touch with us for several reasons:

  • She wanted help to prepare for the role in advance of starting
  • She wanted regular coaching and mentoring as she was moving into her first major management position
  • She wanted a flexible mix of coaching, mentoring and consulting to help with her projects and development
  • She wanted to draw on our change management experience to implement the management systems while managing multi-site stakeholders


  • We helped the client prepare for the role by assessing the role requirements, key stakeholders and her learning needs
  • We worked with the client to develop a plan to better understand the role and current organisational situation
  • We have regular meetings with the client where we draw on coaching, mentoring and consulting as appropriate to support the client to determine personal and organisational goals, understand situations, and develop options to address goals and problems
  • We are on hand for any ad hoc questions relating to the role, including technical questions on quality management and improvement
  • We direct the client to useful resources as required


  • The client felt well prepared and confident to start the role
  • The client quickly developed an understanding of role and stakeholder requirements, of the current organisational situation, and of her team
  • The client feels supported and more confident knowing she has access to technical knowledge and experience that is not available inside her organisation
  • Ad hoc issues are reviewed and resolved quickly
  • The client has received positive feedback on her ability in the role and contribution to the organisation

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