Case study

Audit preparation for microgeneration certification scheme (MCS)


Situation Appraisal

The client designs, develops and sells consumer products which are manufactured and assembled by their supply chain partners.

The client had several upcoming 3rd party certification surveillance audits of their quality management system to Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) requirements. These certifications allow the client to sell to their customers, benefit from UK Government payment schemes and give confidence to investors. Therefore, the certifications are highly valuable in contributing to the revenue and reputation of the company.

The client was concerned that their systems were not at the standard required for the audit and they wanted to have confidence that they would pass any scheduled external assessments.

The client contacted us and requested support in assessing their systems, ensuring that they meet the audit criteria and in facilitating the audit itself.


  • We worked with the client and their staff to develop an understanding of their systems
  • We created a bespoke assessment checklist based on the audit criteria
  • We used the checklist and our assessment experience to assess their systems and find evidence for conformity or to identify areas of nonconformity
  • We consulted with the client on how to address the nonconformities found
  • We helped the organisation implement required changes ensuring the systems were effective
  • We briefed staff to prepare them for the audit


  • The audit was successful and the client retained their certifications
  • The client has an assessment report showing our findings and opportunities for improvement
  • The client has a preparation checklist to use internally for future audits
  • The client is benefiting from more effective systems and processes that were implemented
  • Staff feel more supported
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